Huh? An alpaca can help you lose weight?

So we can learn something about behavior and weight loss from this guy? (or gal, hard to tell from the hairdo) Something beyond burning lots of calories climbing up all that way?

Well, we already know from The Dog Whisperer that dogs are most content when they’re balanced. Apparently some think this might be true for all animals — dogs, cats, alpacas, and humans.

So this animal handler, Marty McGee Bennett, who works with alpacas and llamas found that she learned something about maintaining a healthy weight from animal behavior. She discovered that some principles that helped the animals lead a more balanced and happy life might also help humans. She describes how she spent a lifetime as a yo-yo dieter, jumping back and forth from manic dieting to depression over her weight. Then she learned from her animals how to get herself into balance. She then maintained a healthy weight over time, and wrote about this in a book.

Just like an animal doesn’t change behavior overnight — it takes consistent attention and the right feedback and incentives — as we well know, human behavior won’t change overnight either. So we shouldn’t give up when we don’t stick to a new plan every day. Forcing animals or humans to do new behaviors doesn’t work if you want lasting change. So maybe we should be just as patient and balanced about ourselves as we are when teaching our dogs and cats new tricks and behaviors.



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