Changing men’s gift giving behavior

I have an uncle who sends funny emails every week. He sent along this one, which he likely got from one of his male friends. Good time of year for this to make the rounds among the guys:

Hey, to be fair I’d post a video about bad female gift-givers too. But women don’t share that kind of video with each other. Not funny! We far prefer to send websites of bad female celebrity plastic surgery jobs to each other. (Why is that, anyway? Less personal?) But if you know of any videos, post ’em in the comments …

After thinking about this video for a day, doesn’t this totally reinforce the guy gift-giving thing? It doesn’t change a thing, and it tells us what we all already know — a safe bet is jewelry with sparkly gems in it.

While driving to work this morning, one radio station was taking “always wanted, never got” calls. One adult woman called to say when she was a child, she wanted the Barbie swimming pool. But her mom gave her a Tupperware bowl and a hose and said “here’s your swimming pool.” She really tried it! She said Barbie stuck halfway out of the “pool.” And this is an adult woman who never forgot that and is calling a radio station to tell the story.

No wonder people get stressed about giving gifts.


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