Wellness ‘n Whiskas ‘n an Epiphany

OK, true confession time here. Do you ever have a moment when you’re just sitting there, nothing special going on, and suddenly you get a slap in the face? Then everything changes? You know, a true “light bulb moment” slap. Well that happened to me recently. I’ve had the worst common cold in 20 years over these holidays — nothing common about it, in my opinion — so have been doing more sitting than usual. And some thinking when my brain is clear of fog and congestion.

And one benefit of being sick is that you have valid reason to send your significant others to run stupid errands! :)  Such as the day we ran out of Wellness cat food pouches. Oh geez you’d think I was pricking our cats with needles all day, all the meowing and complaining. Being sick, I had less patience than usual for the whining and begging and dispatched my husband to get Wellness pouches pronto — the ones with the bits of food in gravy.

Well, he came home with Whiskas. They may both start with “W” but they are not the same. I won’t say much lest I awaken the Mars, Inc. Marketing Beast as I did with Domino’s a few posts ago. Let’s just say I try not to feed my cats foods with a lot of fillers, wheat, corn, etc. I try to be careful about their food because all their food comes from me. Thus if they get diabetes, cancer, kidney disease or any other health problem involving their diet, it would be my fault. So I feel entirely responsible for this part of their health. If they supplement their diet with the occasional chipmunk or mouse treat when we’re not looking, hey that’s their choice. Mostly they just proudly present these dead animals as a gift to us. In fact one chipmunk was given to my husband on his birthday! They’re so thoughtful that way.

I made an exception with the Whiskas and let them eat it so they’d stop meowing. Well actually, the real reason is, it’s highly doubtful at that point my husband would agree to go out again and return it for Wellness. Sympathy for the sick only goes so far. I joked that it was like the cats’ junk food, let them have their fun with their Doritos and Cheetos. It’s the least we can do when they’re so kind as to remember him with a chipmunk dinner on his birthday. And yeah they did wolf that Whiskas down and lick the bowls clean more than usual. In my household, 2 out of 2 cats preferred Whiskas.

A few days later, lobbed with a powerful right hook out of my subconscious, came the slap in the face while I was just sitting there enjoying the view of our snowy gardens:

Why don’t I take the same responsibility for what I eat?

I became aware that I pay way more attention to my cats’ diet than my own. In fact I can have a feisty attitude about food and use the “live it up while you’re here” excuse a little too often. Yet I truly considered not giving my cats even one pouch of food that I didn’t think they should have. Would I hold that same standard for myself? That was a real epiphany, and I use that word carefully because epiphanies should be rare. Probably 99.5% of our thoughts we don’t remember verbatim. But this was a major realization that will stick, word for word. With that awareness, I’m likely now stepping onto a Stages of Change path.

So … think about it … in what areas of life do we sometimes pay more attention to the health and care of our children, our animals, family and friends (even plants for avid gardeners), than our own health and care?


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