The Problem Isn’t Just Your Government; It’s You

Yeah, this unfriendly title isn’t likely to make people want to read this. But if you are, the target of this post isn’t you. There is a specific target and he/she won’t be reading here.

You will get what you expect. You will get what you ask for.  You will get what you work for. If you expect very little, ask for very little, work for very little, guess what you get. There are people elsewhere on this planet who are pushing for change — and getting it — more than Americans sitting couches sucking on pacifiers by brand names like Jersey Shore. Think adults don’t suck on pacifiers? Sure they do. All the time.

I’d like to stick a pacifier in the mouths of people who infect others with their negativity about societal change, while prefacing their words with a proud excuse of “I’m opinionated.” Keep the infectious negative opinions to yourself. You are part of the problem. And why are you always the loudest?

Yeah I’m mad. Because I’m pushing against these negative people in a tug of war. Who will win? I really don’t know right now.

Comments welcome!! Do you recognize this? Did I tick you off? What would you do?

(Whoops. While I picked on people for having pacifiers, I have my own! I almost posted this on my interior decorating blog because I forgot to change the login name. Wouldn’t this have been a surprise to that blog’s many loyal readers who are only looking for pretty eye candy. But I think that has more value than things like Jersey Shore. I believe people live better lives when they’re surrounded by beauty. So don’t think that because you have a hobby, I have a problem with that and think every minute should be about work and change. Definitely not! If you’re positive about making things better for our world in some way, no problem.)
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