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Social Norms via Social Media

Here’s quick share of a blog post about spreading social change via social media.

Today’s 2-hour distracted driving event with US Dept of Transportation and Consumer Reports was streamed live online, along with a Twitter conversation with #DD hashtag.

The social media blog post was shared during this conversation – it’s a reminder that you can spread messages online, and perhaps influence those who value the beliefs of their online communities. Online is another “community” where social norms are taking shape. (But despite the growth of social media, we should remember not everyone is involved in it or open to being influenced by it.)

Several influential social media moms with large followings were tweeting during the distracted driving event, and that surely will stimulate Facebook shares, blog posts and traditional media like interviews for magazine and newspaper articles.

Parents are a critical audience for safer teen driving, and numerous parents follow and “talk” with the influential online movers and shakers – how can we engage these influential parents (moms and dads) who’ve built large online followings?


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You are what you eat. You are who you hang out with.

I’ve tripped upon the Little Things Matter blog before and found its one of the most inspiring places on the planet for encouraging positive human behavior. If you want a lift, subscribe, as lots of people do. You won’t be sorry.

So of course this blog features the Harvard research that showed how our behavior is heavily influenced by the people closest to us. That can be damning news, or a part of your life that lifts you to a level you might not have reached on your own. Which would we want it to be?

And this doesn’t end with parents of children and teens who want their kids to have friends with positive influences. It’s true throughout our lives.


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