You Can’t Ignore Zombies

So, public health friends, if you want more attention for your issue, link it to zombies somehow. When the CDC used zombies as a hook for an issue, the world beat a path to the CDC blog so much that the CDC’s web site crashed. Yeah. Check it out. If you can get on the CDC site. I couldn’t.

Sounds like a fun, innovative way to get attention. Maybe we don’t always have to communicate so rationally?

Last night over dinner with a visitor, the book The Social Animal which I wrote about previously came up in conversation. Not by me. By a very rational, statistics-driven MBA. And his description of what he learned from the book was very similar to the messages in Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard, another book I’ve been reading and have intended to blog about my public health and traffic safety view of its advice. Great reminder to get back on that, because apparently, “what makes people tick” can be very interesting dinner talk. Zombies, too.

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