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Watch a different side of the The Blind Side

Watching The Blind Side right now for a few minutes with morning coffee. Yeah it’s 10:30, weekends are late start whenever possible!

There are LOTS of behavior changes in this movie, for many characters (not just Michael) on a lot of different levels.

Watch this movie again from this angle. Right now Leigh Anne is with her ladies who lunch eating her overpriced salad, and her friend says she is really changing Michael’s life. “No,” Leigh Anne says, “he’s changing mine.” Honestly I value Leigh Anne’s change the most. She has so much more to give with her personality, energy and money than decorating her home and selling $17,000 Oushak rugs, and she can influence other people who have resources. She can help a lot more Michaels.

There’s a GREAT airbag message in here too, about why kids under 13 should always be in the back seat.

Now that’s only one change. Let’s find the rest, and think about how they happen!

The Blind Side is based on a true story. Here’s the real Leigh Anne and Michael.

The real Leigh Anne is also on a quest to recruit others to make a difference like she does.


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